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李玄俅-One-Forty 理事長 / 自由創作者
One-Forty 理事長 / 自由創作者

a creative individual who enjoys experimenting different forms of art, including imagery, writing and action. Trained in the background of design and photography, I deepened my specialty in visual persuasion and cultural studies. The use of my works varies, it can be raising awareness, telling stories, or earning for breads. Yet the purpose behind it is often the same -- to enlighten or entertain the audience. I embrace challenges and would love to take part in interesting projects, especially the ones related to global affairs or public issues.

Heni Sri Sundani-2016 Forbes 30 under 30 Asia / Founder of AgroEdu Jampang Community
Heni Sri Sundani
2016 Forbes 30 under 30 Asia / Founder of AgroEdu Jampang Community

Mrs. Heni used to work in Hong Kong as an Indonesian migrant worker for six years. Mrs. Heni built a community named AgroEdu Jampang Community with her husband. This Community concerned in helping people in needs, farmers family and migrant workers familiy in Indonesia. She also fouder of "Gerakan Anak Petani Cerdas" (Smart farmer Kids in Action) for helping more than 1200 kids in the countryside. Give them some food and scholarship. She put a big attentions in education because she believed that ''education is a chain breaker poverty.'' Now Heni with her community helped more than 30,000 families in JavaIsland.



李麗華-宜蘭縣漁工職業工會  秘書長
宜蘭縣漁工職業工會 秘書長

「Migrant Rights are human rights 移民權利即人權。」