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李玄俅-One-Forty 理事長 / SyndAvant 共同創辦人
One-Forty 理事長 / SyndAvant 共同創辦人

Lee wishes for a world where people are aware of the consequences of their behaviours. He utilises his professionalism in visual persuasion and design practice to advocate the power of influence. Years of experience of traveling and living in different countries allow him to resonate with One-forty's idea. He came back with an intention of making Taiwan a better home. May his power of influence help One-forty and the migrant workers in Taiwan. It is our lovely home, why not treat our guests well?

Sophie Paine-Founder of a+b=3
Sophie Paine
Founder of a+b=3

Sophie’s vision is a world where financial hardships do not prevent children and adults from getting education and where money is a tool to grow our most precious asset: ourselves. For her, money is social and ethics and mindfulness are at the heart of financial education. With her family, she has lived in France, Hong Kong, Shanghai and the USA and was moved by the financial and social ordeals of many migrant workers. That’s how a+b=3 was born in 2005, and two years later, Enrich in Hong Kong. a+b=3’s curriculum has been taught to more than 50,000 people in Asia, and Africa.

Heni Sri Sundani-2016 Forbes 30 under 30 Asia / Founder of AgroEdu Jampang Community
Heni Sri Sundani
2016 Forbes 30 under 30 Asia / Founder of AgroEdu Jampang Community

Heni used to work in Hong Kong as a domestic worker for six years. Heni built a community named AgroEdu Jampang Community with her husband to help farmers' families and migrant workers family in Indonesia. She is also a founder of "Smart farmer Kids in Action" helping more than 1200 kids in the countryside. Give them food and scholarship. She focuses on education because she believes that education is a chain breaker poverty. Heni with her community have helped more than 30,000 families on Java Island.


2002 年前,林三元是超級業務,是投資界的傳奇,在人生的最高峰,財富瞬間歸零,健康亮起紅燈,為了找回健康,林三元開始每天健走至少1萬步!這些年來,多半是獨步山林,相信獨行讓自己感官漸漸清明,因為走路而成為千里步道的志工,漸漸從商場轉職NGO,最大的學習是「陪伴與溝通」!那將是所有社會問題的答案。

李麗華-宜蘭縣漁工職業工會 秘書長
宜蘭縣漁工職業工會 秘書長

「Migrant Rights are human rights 移民權利即人權。」